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Paracord mouse cable and gaming mouse

Sick of your stiff and heavy mouse cable?

Try a ZeroCable from MouseOne

About MouseOne Paracord Mouse Cables

MouseOne's ZeroCable is a paracord mouse cable specially designed to be extremely lightweight and flexible. We use just the four wires necessary (Ground, 5Volt and 2 Data wires) sleeved in a hollowed-out paracord. Without a heavy metal sheath and a thick shield wire, our mouse cable is flexible and light. This paracord mouse cable allows you to game as if you were using a wireless mouse.

About MouseOne

Mouse makers are always striving to make their mice lighter and lighter for easier movement. What's been consistently overlooked in that effort, however, is the cable itself. A heavier cable restricts mouse movement and can get in the way when gaming. With one of our paracorded cables, you get only what you need in a mouse cable, making them extremely light and flexible.